Is it possible to take hawthorn while breastfeeding?
Hawthorn during breastfeeding – are there any restrictions on use? Woman during pregnancy
Fennel tea for newborns grandma's basket instructions for use
Even the strongest and healthiest babies are not immune to digestive problems that lead to
Paving slabs types of patterns
Mushroom soup for children After a year, the child’s diet expands greatly. Growing up, the baby no longer needs
7 month old baby sleeps very poorly at night
A 9-month-old child does not eat well. Maybe he just started eating smaller amounts of more satisfying food.
Halva with fructose
Tea with milk: benefits and harms during breastfeeding
Can a nursing mother have sugar? Is it okay to have sugar while breastfeeding? The answer is clear: it depends.
Should I wear a bandage after a caesarean section?
Why do you need a bandage after a caesarean section? After a caesarean section, the woman is placed in intensive care,
Buckwheat porridge in complementary foods
Salt and sugar in the diet of children under one year old
For every mother, there comes a crucial moment when it’s time to start introducing complementary foods to the baby. Takes it
Is it possible to have cow candy while breastfeeding?
Many breastfeeding women want to include some sweet treats in their diet. However, this opportunity
Is it possible to drink noshpa during lactation?
As soon as she becomes a mother, a young woman suddenly comprehends the full human responsibility that she bears for
Breast care
Reasons for the appearance of wounds You can suspect the presence of small cracks if: the woman is in pain throughout
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